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e-Z Lease

The e-Z Lease Bank Program

Businesses lease more than $200 Billion in equipment each year in the U.S. Still, most banks do not offer this financing alternative because of the costs of developing specifications, documentation, and marketing and sales programs.

The e-Z Lease program is a customizable program that allows your bank to offer equipment leasing to your business customers, branded under your bank’s name, without all the issues and costs associated with being an equipment lessor.

The e-Z Lease program is not a referral program!  It provides a true growth opportunity for your bank because of our unique leveraged lease structure.  ELEX invests its capital in each transaction, so ELEX will be a committed partner throughout the entire term of the lease. The e-Z Lease Program keeps your bank in its comfort zone because e-Z Lease is similar to your current business loan process.  Additionally, your bank maintains underwriting responsibilities and determines the credit criteria.

With the ELEX e-Z Lease program we combine the bank’s financial and customer relationship skills with the 30 plus years of leasing expertise and experience of The ELEX Group, Inc.  The e-Z Lease program enables you to introduce a new banking product with no incremental marketing, sales and product development costs.  Additionally, e-Z Lease helps you strengthen relationships with your commercial customers and helps you gain a competitive advantage on your competition.

Banks that do not provide an equipment leasing product leave the door wide open for other banking institutions and non-bank leasing companies to gain access to your best customers.

Bottom Line:  Leasing is not just a viable financial alternative for your customers; it is a valuable growth tool for your bank.  By implementing the e-Z Lease program you can:

  • Start a new source of revenue without introducing new costs
  • Quickly kick off a service to help retain current customers and attract new ones
  • Create innovative solutions for your customers
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition

With e-Z Lease ELEX provides the bank the following:

  • Equity participation
  • Complete documentation administration
  • Portfolio administration (Including…)

Monthly invoicing
UCC filing and monitoring
Insurance, maintenance and financial tracking
Sales and use tax filing
Marketing and sales support
Equipment disposal and lease termination
Default management

  • New product implementation plan
  • Sales training
  • Full service product and sales management




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